Tour operator

Information for tour operators

Here we want to give you some specific information for tour operators.


Promotion Material

We will send you free of charge for advertising on some of our flyers.

So, please send us an e-mail to info(at) with your address and the subject line "promotional material".

Our media package includes 20x A4 flyers and 100x A6 flyers.

Press release and press photos

A press release with a large selection of images for your advertising will be available in our press area. There you can download text and images easily.                                                                                                   

Ticket sales

For tour operators the following conditions shall apply to ticket sales:


You can order tickets easily at our online ticket sales.
Entering the address please click in the field "guide" "yes", so you will automatically receive 2 free tickets for bus driver and guide.
Sign the required number (min. 20 pers.) into the array "reduced" and send us the order.
After payment you will receive the tickets sent by post.

A handling on commission is not possible. But if you have any tickets not needed, you may return the unused ribbon (max. 10 ribbons) after Christmas magic by mail and you will receive the value of the tickets by transfer back to your bank account.


Pax attention: The purchase price of purchased tickets cannot principally be refunded due to circumstances beyond the control of the organizer or due to force majeure. For groups (20 people), tickets afterwards are recoverable only up to a number of max. 10 pieces


From December 17, you only can purchase tickets at the box offices. At the bus parking is a box office set up specifically for bus groups. There you will receive the tickets by cash. Here however the tickets cannot be refunded.


Approaching and parking

Travelling by bus, our coachpark is available in "Wallfahrtstraße" till 2:00 pm, only 200 m from the event site.

New this year, from 2:00 pm we have set up a box office specifically for bus groups. There you will receive the tickets yet needed by cash. However the tickets cannot be refunded (except tickets purchased by online-shop)

From 2:00 pm you can leave the passengers at the coachpark and drive to the one oft the parking lots described below.

road map of parking lots reserved for busses

From then the coachpark is only available for boarding and getting out.

From the additional parking lots for buses, a free shuttle service it’s available to the event site. Thus the bus driver arrives the location of the event.