Artists 2018

Kevin Tarte

Kevin Tarte

Kevin Tarte  grew up in Seattle, USA, where he studied at the Music Academy. For over 25 years, he has been performing in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on stages of major musical productions and city theaters in a variety of musical and operetta roles.

Golden Voices of Gospel

Golden Voices of Gospel

Golden Voices of Gospel  - "Clap the hands, stomp the feet shout Halleluja...," is what you will hear when the listeners are invited to join in and witness. They invite you to be a part of a very personal and incomparable journey which goes through a century of spiritual, traditional and gospel songs.


JUNGE JUNGE!JUNGE JUNGE! - their show "Hats off!" is a daring mix of amazing and stirring magic and lively comedy - a varied show somewhere between revue and travel fever, comedy and magic carpet.

Schwarzwald Quintett

Schwarzwald Quintett - "Onto the benches - we live to party!" - true to this motto, the 6 full-blooded musicians perform hand-made and solid live music for almost 40 years - whether it be folk music, pop music, evergreens or current hits.

Aber bitte mit Udo

Aber bitte mit Udo - The Musician Martin Glönkler presents songs of the famous German pop singer, singer and songwriter Udo Jürgens. There is a varied mix of new and old, known and unknown songs to listen to.

Birgit Langer

Birgit Langer - The former frontwoman of the "Fernando Express" brings with her charming voice and her hit program a lot of good humor.

4 Hands - 50 Bells

Anita and Maik - Their instrument is rarely seen and heard. Four-handed they virtuously play more than fifty bells at a breathtaking pace. NEW in our programme !!! Anita and Maik present a new colour of sound by fifty rod bells.

Mister HE

Mister HE - Artist of the Year 2011. MISTER HE presents a witty and entertaining show-revue with all the ingredients of a top artist.

Los Talismanes

Los Talismanes -"Navidad en el Mundo - Christmas World", so Los Talismanes call their winter program. They will sing again in many languages - in addition to Spanish, German and English, also Portuguese and Italian. It is played on acoustic instruments to a large extent and very important also: Here, everything is live!

Rolph Royce & Candy Andy

Rolph Royce & Candy Andy - this famous duo will regale you with sentimental ballads, country songs, oldies, with many partially "bluesy" hits this year at Triberg Christmas Magic.

Jürgen Schultis

Jürgen Schultis - Faszination Panflute - Let yourself be enchanted by the warm sounds of his panpipe.

Duett Complett

Duett Complett - The artists Simon Flamm and Thomas Schaeffert amaze in an extraordinary show with their versatility. Juggling, powerful acrobatics, magic, comedy, music and audience engagements combine to form a harmonious, amusing, entertaining program that is well worth seeing for young and old.

The Alphorn Blowers

The Alphorn Blowers - an integral part of Triberg Christmas Magic. The particular sound of the alphorns in the snowy area of the waterfalls turns the appearance of this ensemble into something special.


Brett Family

Saraph - "What is to be done in the event of fire? Allow it to burn!" That's the motto of the 35-years-old Hannes Schwarz, who with artist's name "Saraph" doesn't hesitate to present spectacular fire shows. In his show, he presents the strength and power of the fire and directs his principal focus only on it.

The Bretts

The Bretts - an entertaining show for eyes and ears. Look forward to the professional vocal group from the USA.


Rock4- Is it possible to capture the magic of the Beatles in a pure a cappella program? Such a delicate as seductive task, only the four singers of the Dutch A-Cappella group Rock4 have grown.

Magic acoustic Guitars

Magic acoustic Guitars - 2014 they were winner of the title "Artist of the Year" (instrumentalists) at the Golden Gala Artist. Witness fleet-footed, gracefully dancing, magical sound technically at the highest level with the two musicians Matthias Waßer and Roland Palatzky!

Fabian Flender

Fabian Flender - He gets tangled up in a microphone cable, is too fussy to remember two sentences. He does not have to. Fabian Flender masters the hilarious fight with everyday objects and makes the audience laugh, even without speaking a word.

Mina Thomas

Mina Thomas - is known in New York for her entertaining stage show and toured throughout Europe with The Golden Voices of Gospel. Listeners will enjoy pop, gospel, soul and jazz classics along with their favorite Christmas songs.

Rebecca Weisser

 Rebecca Weisser - The  American born Rebecca comes from Kansas City, Missouri USA, and now she lives in Triberg-Gremmelsbach for 19 years in the Black Forest and is an enthusiastic Gospel and Soul singer.

Take a Dance

Take a Dance -  the professional musicians present music from virtually every era of entertainment and pop music. Starting with the Charleston, over the hits of the fifties, the hits of the 60s / 80s / 90s to the present day.

The Awesome Ministers

The Awesome Ministers - They are on the road on behalf of the good music; namely unplugged. They interpret great rock and pop classics intheir own style. Rich in variety, but always in proper style. Multi-voice, but always unique. Highbrow, but simply good.

Out of the box

Out of the Box - This acoustic quintet from the Black Forest brings with you typical bluegrass instrumentation different songs on the stage.

Piano Ensemble König

Piano-Ensemble König - This piano line under the direction of Gabriele König is a very special musical delicacy.

Tamako Murakami

Tamako Murakami - the Japanese master-student plays piano excellently. Tamako comes from Tokio and is currently studying at Musik- Hochschule Freiburg.

Town and Spa Orchestra Triberg

Town and Spa Orchestra Triberg was founded in 1769 and is for over 230 years one of the oldest clubs in Brass Band Association Schwarzwald-Baar. The musical repertoire of the band covers a variety of styles, ranging from traditional brass music such as polkas and marches to modern compositions of rock and pop.