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Kevin Tarte

Kevin Tarte

Kevin Tarte

Whoever grows up as the second to the youngest of five siblings learns early to have a voice.  For Kevin Tarte, who already had a strong voice as a child, that was no problem!  Although his family was more sports oriented than musically-inclined, Kevin soon discovered a totally different area of interest while listening to a well-arranged home record collection:  his passion for music.  It quickly became apparent that the little boy from Seattle, Washington (USA) had a big voice.
 An American (singer's) dream came true for Kevin Tarte at the age of 14 years for the first time, he stood on the stage of the Seattle Opera House!  While still in high school, he had already performed in his first operettas and music roles.  Kevin studied as a lyrical tenor, graduating from the renowned Eastman School of Music in New York as well as from the Music Academy of the West in Santa Barbara, California.
In 1988 Kevin received the tempting offer to play the role of Prince Karl Franz in Sigmund Romberg's "The Student Prince" in the Heidelberg Castle Festival.  That was the beginning of a wonderful friendship between the US and Germany, which has become Kevin's second home.  It has also become his musical home with many engagements in classical operas and operettas like Carmen, Der Barbier von Sevilla (The Barber from Sevilla), Gianni Schicci, Die Fledermaus (The Bat), Im Weißen Rössl (At The White Steed) at renowned city theaters all over Germany as well as Austria.  

Often something new

It doesn't always have to be classical opera.  Through an engagement in “Cats” in Hamburg (1989/90) Kevin became enthusiastic for the musical genre.  His big break through came in the role of Gaston in “The Beauty and the Beast” in the German premiere of the Vereinigten Bühnen Wien (United Stages of Vienna).  Since then, the European music audience has loved him for his powerful and precise voice and for his huge stage presence.  Both organizers and audience alike appreciate Kevin Tarte's gift in embodying with authenticity and sensitivity the different musical roles as well as lending his voice to the different characters such as the beast from Disney's “The Beauty and the Beast,” Julian Marsh from “42nd Street,”  the Duke from Buckingham in “The Three Musketeers,” the engineer Thomas Adrews from “Titanic,” and, of course, his starring role as the Count of Krolock from “Dance of the Vampires.”  
Kevin Tarte has mastered a wide range of repertoire with songs from operas, operettas, musicals and the classical American songbook as well as swing and cross-over interpretations of various pop songs.  He has also proven his versatility off of the music stages in many performances at home and abroad again and again.  Whether in a hall or outside in the open air, whether simply accompanied by a piano, drums and bass or supported by a symphony orchestra or a big band, Kevin Tarte's powerful voice presence adapts itself congenially into the musical surroundings.

Keeping his feet on the Ground

In spite of having over 20 years of success, the likeable artist never lost his view of reality.  Kevin uses his popularity to support numerous charity organizations such as UNICEF, Aids Hilfe (Help) Stuttgart & Berlin, InterEducare e.V. and Artists in Divine Spirit for the benefit of orphan children in Africa and Germany.
Taking time for these social engagements is a matter of course for him despite many official obligations and studio schedules.  Kevin Tarte is in various musicals and appears in gala balls.  His CD "Jump" with the Lumberjack Big Band has been available since 2008.  At the moment, Kevin is working intensively on his solo CD.  Not to give too much away, however, the wide range of song collection is definitely something of worth. For more information, please visit www.kevintarte.de , a website worth visiting for all music lovers.

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