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The Bretts

The Bretts

The Bretts

From an amateur “family act” to an internationally known group of seasoned professionals, The Bretts are in a position millions of musicians have tried to achieve, but have never been able to reach. And they are just getting started. “We’ve had to take our hard knocks over the years” says Brydon. “But, we’ve learned, we’ve developed as artists, and now we are polished and poised for huge growth.”

But just because they feel ready for future expansion doesn’t mean their past is anything to scoff at. Since The Bretts began their pursuit of a career in music as a family, they have developed quite an impressive resume. They have been three-time guest artists of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. They have also been two-time guest artists on Tony Orlando’s Veteran’s Special, where Andrea presented her poem, I Am a Veteran, to Colonel Oliver North. Their show has received extended international television syndication on BYU-TV, KBYU, and other PBS affiliates. They have made appearances on RFD-TV, on the Jim Bakker Show,and on many other stations and programs worldwide.The Vocal Majority, the world’s most prestigious international men’s barbershop chorus, has hosted The Bretts twice as guest artists, and they have shared the stage with many other artists, from Lee Greenwood to Larry the Cable Guy.

The Bretts' musical emphasis has changed through the years. “Before we came to Branson, we were primarily an acapella group, and Mom and Dad sang ballads at the piano” says Briahna. “But when we came to Branson we got a crash course in live instrumental music and fast-paced variety. Now we sing everything, and we’ve learned to entertain and captivate our audience.” Garon agrees: “There are so many different strengths and tastes within our group. Brydon loves R&B and sings Big Band music really well. Briahna can do country and Broadway just as easily. Then we all write our own music, so it makes for a cool mix of styles when we bring it all together.” While The Bretts still have an incredible acapella sound, and Tom and Andrea can still spin a duet ballad as well as anybody, it’s hard to corner the group into any specific genre. “Our show is like putting your IPod on shuffle’ says Brydon. “We try to provide something for all ages, and we try to do it in a really excellent way.” The Bretts' musical versatility has now become their greatest strength.

The Bretts started their Branson career on The Showboat Branson Belle as contracted artists. Now, they own and operate their own show, which allows them the creativity and innovation necessary to take their mission of producing cutting edge family entertainment into the future. They currently perform around 140 shows at Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theater in Branson, Missouri, and about 50 shows in locations all around the world every year.



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