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Anita + Maik - Music of Bells

Anita + Maik

The sound of bells at the Triberg Christmas Magic. Maik Schreiner from the nearby town of Hornberg has accompanied these sounds since he was seven years old.  In 1993 he inspired his Swiss partner Anita Schreiner with this unusual instrument. Since then the two have been travelling internationally with their  uniquely original music performance , fascinating the audience with their finger dexterity and their charming stage presence.

Their instrument is rarely seen and heard. The two let their four hands fly over the 50 concert bells with virtuoso and breathtaking speed. One is surprised at the richness of expression coming from the little bells which are only 4-15 centimeters in size.

The repertoire ranges from the classical dignified  pieces to cheerful popular music, including upbeat modern evergreens. As the Advent season approaches, the program is expanded with the motto that "Süsser die Glocken nie klingen..." (the bells ring no sweeter...) than with Christmas melodies.

NEW in our programme !!! Anita and Maik present a new colour of sound by fifty rod bells.

Highlights of the last few years were performances for the Swiss general consulate, show engagements in the Europa-Park Rust, shows in the America's Cup in Valencia, charity concerts in South Africa, of the use as a trainer of bells at "Wetten, dass.. ?" and a carillon for 8 hands with Klaus Wowereit and Renate Künast.

Beyond the listening habits the sound of bells combined with the harmonious dance of hands is able to astonish the audience.

Anita & Maik Schreiner are looking forward to enchant the guests in Triberg with their Christmas carillon!

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