Town Orchestra

Town and Spa Orchestra

Town and Spa Orchestra Band 1769 Triberg registered association

The Town and Spa Orchestra Band was founded in 1769 and with over 230 years of history is one of the oldest clubs in the Brass Band Association Schwarzwald-Baar. Currently, our club has 55 active musicians, where the average age of the musician is about 25 years.

During the course of the year, the orchestra band performs at about 25 concerts and appearances. These include amongst others guests concerts, brunch concerts at club festivals, appearances at brass music gatherings, church services, as well as participation in carnival events. Our biggest events of the year is the annual Christmas concert usually on the 3rd Advent Sunday in the Triberg town church  and our summer concert "Music City At Its Best." In addition, social activities such as skiing weekends,  field trips, Christmas parties, etc. take place.

The musical repertoire of the orchestra band covers a variety of styles ranging from traditional brass music such as polkas and marches to modern compositions of rock and pop.

The special trademark of the orchestra is its historical civilian militia uniform, which always provides for an “Aha” effect from amongst the parade onlookers.