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Christmas Magic Children's World at Castle Garden near Town Hall


We have magically turned the town hall's castle garden into a great children's world  with many highlights:

- face painting
- pony rides
- light castle with stage
- Fairy tales storyteller
- Winterland bounce castle
- Special activities for children (timetable see below)
- Ketterer's miracle forest 
- Castle Labyrinth

A real light princess with her prince are also our special guests at the children's world. If her Highness  allows it, you may like to have a personal photo made.

Bikeshow with Daniel Rall

Since he was 6 years Daniel Rall is on the road with his bike. With great passion he kept on developing his skills and his condition at the MSC Hornberg. He quickly became the best trial biker of the region and participated in national competitions. Meanwhile, he took part in the German Championships, European and World Championships and the World Cup.

He now has turned his hobby into a profession and he perform spectacular and impressive shows at trade fairs and galas at home and abroad. His great achievement: 2013, he was betting king at "Wetten, dass ... !!!"

Have a look at the video below: Bike Show by Daniel Rall.


A varied and colourful circus show and a program for the whole family with exciting acrobatics, funny buffoonery, magic show and the favourites of all children, cats and dogs.

Clown Lullu comes with his funny horse "Jolly Jumper", juggler Fernando juggles not only with balls and clubs, but also with fire, in the magic show unexplainable secrets are perfomed and cat Django and dog Charlie prove their beastly skills.

Balancing acts are performed and the Wild-West-Show becomes fast-paced.

Ring Little Bells

For many years Anita and Maik have fully dedicated themselves to the sounds of bells and enchant the audience with it even all over the world.

In their children's program young and old can immerge in a particular world of sounds. The two show to make music by bells.

Listening, marvelling, taking part are needed. But the instruments of the large orchestra of bells are locked in a magic box.

Which spell can open it?

Fairy Tales Storyteller Susanne

Children can listen to exciting stories told by our fairy tale narrator Susanne in the tent next to the stage.



The Puppet Show

The puppet show from the soup alley plays tales for young and old just like back in grandfather's times. Since 1993 the puppet show has been  around  from the soup alley in Rottweil. In historic costumes they have already performed many "classics" such as "Puss in Boots," "The Brave Little Tailor" and "Snow White and Rose Red".

Video - fantastic Bike Show with Daniel Rall

Video - Ring little bells

Circus Hally Gally

Children's World Triberg Christmas Magic - Best of 2014 and 2016