Weihnachtszauber erleben

Our tip

Thomas Weisser und Rainer Huber

If you buy your tickets ahead of time, you will be sure to get in on the day that you wish to come. On some days there were only a few tickets still available.

Scheduled Times and Event Information

Event Period

December 25th-30th, 2018

Opening Hours

 Outside Waterfall Area  2:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Town Hall

3:00 pm - 9:00 pm


The Show program starts at 13:00 pm.
You can go to the stalls and the attractions and the 1,000,000 lights startig from 2:00 pm, of course.

On the days during the "Triberg Christmas Magic", the waterfall is accessible up to the main platform located below the waterfall from 10:00 am - 1:30 pm. (Entrance fee: 3,50 €)





The online ticket sale starts on 1st. October. Then coupons are also available at the booking offices, listed below.

Coupons are available at every booking office:

- Waterfall-ticket offices Triberg
- Touristinfo Triberg
- Touristinfo Schonach
- Touristinfo Schönwald
- Touristinfo St. Georgen
- Touristinfo Furtwangen
- Touristinfo Unterkirnach
- House of 1000 clocks, Triberg

Please be aware: you will only get coupons at the booking offices, listed above - no day tickets.


Entrance price per person

16,00 EUR
reduced Price
- Adolescent from 9-16 years old
- Handicapped people with identity card
- Groups with minimum of 20 people
- People with valid BW-Ticket from the German Railway (German Rail Baden-Württemberg Ticket).

12,00 EUR
Family ticket
- 2 Adults & 2 children (9-16 years old)
40,00 EUR
Saison ticket
35,00 EUR
Children up to 8 years old free

Special effects glases
Experience amazing special effects. Specifically for the fireworks and lights

1,00 EUR
Tour guides and bus driver free

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